Changelog #

0.6.11 #

  • A demonstration mode is now supported.
    HTTQ will shut down automatically after 30 minutes. It must then be restarted.

0.6.10 #

  • The task executor subsystem now supports halting, and will wait for all background tasks to finish executing when HTTQ is shutting down.

0.6.9 #

  • A new task executor subsystem: all background tasks are executed through this executor.
    All of them are properly logged, so that asynchronous behaviour is always reported.

0.6.8 #

  • Machine-parseable logs.
    All logs are now written so that it’s easy to write regular expressions to extract information from them.

0.6.7 #

  • No changes, this is an internal refactoring version.

0.6.6 #

  • The HTTQ_DIR environment variable has been renamed to HTTQ_WDIR.
  • Introduced a new environment variable: HTTQ_TMPDIR.
  • Improved log messages when HTTQ starts: all environment variables are now reported, letting the user know how they’re used by HTTQ.

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