About the author

About the author #

Martin Jungblut Schreiner has been writing software for over a decade, although he’s dreamt of becoming a professional software engineer since he was 11 years old.
During this time, he has written, documented, and otherwise contributed to:

  • A cloud-based operating system that coordinates the world’s largest full-scale deployment of industrial digital presses, printers, and print-oriented services (during his time at HP).

  • A fully-featured interpreter for a small LISP dialect, supporting immutable data types, atomic operations, tail-call optimisation and arbitrary precision numbers.

  • A network captive portal bundled with a network traffic analysis toolchain, including a web-based administration panel.

  • A series of practical experiments on continuation-passing style programming, demonstrating the feasibility of writing recursive algorithms regardless of stack size limitations. These experiments were conducted in C++, Go, Java and Python.

  • A set of Go bindings for Linux’s de-facto standard filesystem encryption toolkit: cryptsetup.

  • Currently working on adding 80-bit register support to Valgrind’s floating-point unit emulation.

Get in touch #

You may e-mail Martin at martinjungblut@gmail.com, or visit his GitHub profile.

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